An introduction to the history of aircraft accidents investigation

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An introduction to the history of aircraft accidents investigation

September 11 terrorist attacks [ edit ] 2, The deadliest aviation-related disaster of any kind, considering fatalities on both the aircraft and the ground, was the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, On that morning four aircraft traveling on transcontinental flights from East Coast airports to California were hijacked after takeoff, and used in four separate suicide attacks against major American landmarks by 19 Islamic terrorists affiliated with Al Qaeda.

American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight were intentionally crashed into the North and South Towers respectively of the World Trade Center, destroying both buildings in less than two hours.

The World Trade Center crashes killed 2, the vast majority of fatalities being occupants of the World Trade Center towers or emergency personnel responding to the disaster. This brought the total number of casualties of the September 11 attacks to 2, including the 19 terrorist hijackers.

Tenerife disaster[ edit ] The Tenerife airport disasterwhich occurred on March 27,remains the accident with the highest number of airliner passenger fatalities. There were no survivors from the KLM aircraft; 61 of the passengers and crew on the Pan Am aircraft survived.

Pilot error was the primary cause, as the KLM captain began his takeoff run without obtaining air traffic control clearance.

The KLM flight crew could not see the Pan Am aircraft on the runway until immediately before the collision.

An introduction to the history of aircraft accidents investigation

An increased emphasis was placed on using standardized phraseology in air traffic control ATC communication by both controllers and pilots alike. The captain is no longer considered infallible, and combined crew input is encouraged during aircraft operations.

The crash of Japan Airlines Flight on August 12,is the single-aircraft disaster with the highest number of fatalities: The aircraft suffered an explosive decompression from an incorrectly repaired aft pressure bulkheadwhich failed in mid flight, destroying most of its vertical stabilizer and severing all of the hydraulic lines, making the virtually uncontrollable.

All 15 crew members and of the passengers on board died. The death toll was exacerbated by delays in the rescue operation. Although a number of people survived the impact, by the time the Japanese rescue teams arrived at the crash site all but four had succumbed to their injuries.

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The collision was mainly the result of the Kazakh pilot flying lower than the assigned clearance altitude. All passengers and crew on board of both the aircraft died. Other crashes with death tolls of or higher[ edit ] See also: List of aircraft accidents and incidents resulting in at least 50 fatalities and List of aircraft accidents and incidents by number of ground fatalities The London-bound plane crashed shortly after taking off from Orly airport; all people on board died.This lecture traces the story of aircraft accident investigation in the UK from the setting up of the Public Safety and Accidents Investigation Committee of the Royal Aero Club in to the present day.

History for aircraft investigation. Introduction. The Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation established the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) as a specialized aviation department within the United Nations.

MCAR part 12 and NTSB , Aircraft accident Investigation Manual. Aircraft Accident. The Aircraft Accident Investigation Commission investigated aviation accidents and incidents in Japan until October 1, , when the Aircraft and Railway Accidents Investigation Commission (ARAIC) replaced it, and the ARAIC did this function until October 1, , when it merged into the JTSB.

History for aircraft investigation. The procedures for air accident investigations were first laid down in by the US National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics.

They required air accident investigators to consider the immediate and underlying factors of an accident in order to establish and apportion blame for its occurrence.

The convention allowed states to generate their own rules for accident investigation, so long as the core practices of Annex 13 were incorporated and investigative practices aligned with ICAO Doc , the Manual of Aircraft Accident Investigation.

Aircraft History. The incident aircraft was serviceable on the day of the accident and the last maintenance performance was the A check at hrs, on 29 Oct The current airframe hours is hrs, hrs since last service.

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