Bakery business plan in pakistan karachi

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Bakery business plan in pakistan karachi

Confectionery and Chocolate Market — An overview Characteristics: The branded confectionery and chocolate market is highly price elastic and growing with the bulk of sales concentrated in mid-price range products. Urban markets account for the major share and also for a higher penetration rate.

Various retail price points exist within the mass market segment of chocolates between the range of PKR In Sugar Confectionery major running confectionery items fall into the retail price segment of Rs.

The efforts made for the induction of Rs. In some of the cases decline in sales as a reaction of price increase was so huge that it forced to leading brands to take their decision back yet they were not able to retrieve their original volumes again.

To avoid and defer this situation up to last extend pro-active companies in Pakistani confectionery industry adopt three kinds of strategieswithout reducing or with slightly reducing trade margins, namely Reduce the no.

Almost all but precisely Hilal and B. P rely much on wholesale channel to generate bulk chunk of their total sales. To support their sales through this channel they advertise heavily on electronic media to create brand pull for their brands and subsequently it force retailers to buy these brands from whole sale.

The underlying reason behind limited coverage in retail sector by these two companies is they do not have premium priced items that could yield sufficient revenues to make retail distribution viable for their distribution partners so they do a limited coverage in retail sector.

Since these companies themselves do not emphasize on retail penetration so their distributors also take an escape route and adopt the way of easy selling through WS.

As stated earlier the emphasis of Hilal and B. P has always been on building consumer pull through mass media advertising mostly through television and pushing their brands through wide-spread network of distributors and wholesalers throughout the nation.

bakery business plan in pakistan karachi

Because of this pricing strategy their products are equally popular in rural and urban towns among middle and lower middle class. They always try to adopt cost leadership strategy and generate revenues through high volumes of sales.

In hard-boiled candy category: In soft-boiled Toffees category: As of today August there hardly exist any 50 paisa confectionery unit, those that were available, have been switched to Rs.

PPaint n Pop B. In Enrobed Chocolate category: PChoco Dip B. In Moulded Chocolate category: P Twin Rabbit B. Ding Dong Hilal in Rs. It is lower for fast-moving brands and higher in the case of slow-moving items. Due to its attractive packaging, quality, affordable price and an intact media support the brand received un-matched reception and became a success story in Pakistani industry.10) B's Bakery.

Bushra Motiwala started B's Bakery purely by chance. She baked a cake for her sister's in laws and started taking orders casually from friends and family.

When it came to our order, B's Bakery suffered an unfortunate fate: the chocolate malt cupcakes we received were smushed because the delivery guy had been a little careless.

Mrs Fields Pakistan, Karachi, Pakistan. 42K likes. Welcome to Mrs. Fields Pakistan.

bakery business plan in pakistan karachi

The best gourmet cookies and sweet delights you can get. We get the same sad apology followed by a random date for when you plan to resto This summer, enjoy the adoringly delicious Strawberry Breezer, only at Mrs. . After conquering Punjab and KP, the year-old bakery opened its master franchise in Karachi as part of a plan to expand its footprint in the southern part of the country.

The port city finally made it to Rahat’s radar, but the brand’s journey to become a nationwide bakery chain is a story not know to everyone thus worth documenting. Bakery Business is a unique business idea, by which one can earn good profit margin by following a good plan, proposal, template, sample model to run.

Few small business required money, experience and license, while other do not required anything but only hardworking.

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See the most recommended bakeries in Karachi, Pakistan. Honest opinions shared by friends and neighbors. Want to find out who they refer?

Bakery in Karachi, Pakistan Locations › Pakistan › Karachi, Pakistan › Bakery. Business? Create a profile Business Name * Contact info * and/or: Service categories. IBEX team has interviewed several restaurant and food business owners and here is a complete guide of starting a restaurant in Pakistan.

Karachi, and Islamabad. Every business needs one goof marketing plan and food servicing business needs it as well.

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