Case study operations objective at penang mutiara

Hire Writer And in this stage, the operation may have: Try to place appropriate operations practice:

Case study operations objective at penang mutiara

To view the full case study, kindly refer to Reference [1]. Organization has to adapted with more challenging environment thru operating their function to help them react. Beside operations function gives the capability to compete with other by providing the ability to keep the customers happy and by developing the abilities that will keep the organization ahead from its competitors in the future.

Will ensure the hotel to compete for business.

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The hotel management already is doing their best in operating the hotel thought making sure the customer is satisfy by providing error-free goods and services that will ensure the hotel quality.

As well as, doing things fast and minimizing the time between a customer asking and receiving for product or service, giving a hotel a speed advantage. Additionally being on time gives the customer senses of dependability since the hotel was able to keep the delivery it.

Furthermore being able to change far enough and fast enough to meet customer satisfaction or being adaptable with unexpected circumstances gives a hotel the characteristic of being flexibility. Being productive Cost means produce goods and services at a cost that allows them to be priced suitably for the market while still allowing for a profit to the organization.

Furthermore, without effective implementation even the most magnificent strategy will be unproductive. Also since the hotel is taking the five objective performance objectives into consideration, they only need to improve and monitor the changes of the external factor, which may lead to reducing the performance that the hotel currently has.

Since operations management focuses and involves around day-to-day decisions. I believe that operation strategy is measure by operation performance, which helps to keep the operation effective. Internal And External Benefits Of The 5 Operation Performance Objectives Operations performance is extremely important in any organization, besides operations can help through cut the costs, achieve customer satisfaction, reduce the risk of operational failure, reduce the amount of investment and provide the basis for future innovation.

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Also, it is mention on the case that the quality of service has to be flawless, which means dealing with the basics and simple day-to-day tasks.

Since customers expect first-class service. That benefits the hotel internally and externally.

Case study operations objective at penang mutiara

Also speed is an important trait of customer service. It often increases the value of the product or service to customers. Or at least prevents customer complaints. Also prevents late delivery as well as lateness causing by disturbance, furthermore prevents wasted time and effort, therefore saving cost.

Any organization needs to adopt flexibility on its operation to produce goods or services and adding extra value by changing the range, volume or delivery time. Also, flexibility produces different quantities of products and services for customers as Volume Flexibility.

In addition, flexibility on delivery time provides extra value for customers to have their products or services at different times. It also gives the operation ability to produce new or customize products and services.

Case study operations objective at penang mutiara

As Mix Flexibility, the operation has wider range or mix of products and services. Also, it produces deferent quantities or volumes of products and services by having the ability to change the level of the output or activity.

In addition, flexible timing gives the operation ability to change the delivery time of its products and services. They try to keep the costs down is by making sure that food is not wasted, never compromising the quality.Aug 21,  · Mutiara Beach Resort Penang heralds a new standard for Asian resort hotels.

Located on a prime beachfront at Teluk Bahang, otherwise known as the 'glowing bay', it nestles in hectares (18 acres) of landscaped tropical The Red Writter. Case study Penang Mutiara Topic Operations Performance: The five operations performance objectives, Also see lecture materials Chapter 2 Hayes and Wheelwright’s four stages of .

Case study Operations objectives at the Penang Mutiara Student name Student id Professor's name 1-Is the hotels's operations management appropriate for its strategy. Case study Operations objectives at the Penang Mutiara. Student name Student id Professor's name what part is it expected to play within the business.

what are its specific performance objectives? Case study of Penang mutiara. Home All Posts Case Study Case study of Penang mutiara. Services. Write My Case Study; Buy Case Study; Case Study Help; All of other objectives affect cost. Hexed operations leads to quickly make changes or echelons Tort canalling conditions and overcomes disrupting the other operation.

Flexible operation. Case Study Operational Objectives At The Penang Mutiara Question 1. Describe how you think Wernie Will a)make sure that the way he manages the hotel is appropriate to the way it competes for business For get a biggest development, and get more success, Penang Mutiara has to: Expand its business in other areas to acquire more market shares /5(1).

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