Discrimination toward obese individuals essay

All analyses controlled for age, age squared, sex, ethnicity, and education. We next examined whether the effect of discrimination on risk of obesity was similar for normal weight versus overweight participants. Interestingly, a slightly different pattern emerged when the analyses were based on measured BMI.

Discrimination toward obese individuals essay

Three applicants inquire about, and receive interviews for the jobs. All three applicants have comparable education, as well as similar work histories. Applicant number one has a history of serious mental illness while number two is a convicted felon who has served time.

Applicant number three is obese. All current employment data gathered from prospective employers clearly states Discrimination toward obese individuals essay the applicant least likely to obtain one of the two openings is number three, the obese applicant Roehling.

Obese citizens should be afforded the same rights and privileges as any other person and not merely disregarded simply because of how they look. Yet, this is not the reality that these people face. There is overwhelming evidence showing that obese citizens are unfairly discriminated against, thus demanding that individuals be educated in order to change their thinking and that legislative protection be offered to this segment of the population.

Every day activities such as work, school, seeking health attention or even taking a trip can be excruciatingly painful experiences for an obese person.

What is a person to think when upon mere sight of them, the medical community at large dismisses them out of hand? Medical attention, for both physical and mental needs, is a fundamental right we all share, yet corpulent people are often afraid to seek needed help. Many times they fear being ostracized based solely on their weight.

This is a valid fear, as there is a body of evidence showing that unfair treatment exists in this arena. How can a mental health professional conclude that a heavy person is going to be less engaging in aiding his or her own recovery in therapy? For example, a recent study found that even health professionals--including psychologists--who specialize in obesity often used words such as "lazy," "stupid" and "worthless" to describe obese people they come into contact with in their personal and professional lives" Dittman.

While these professionals are not likely to use these terms in the presence of a large person, the fact that they use them at all shows a jaded view toward this population. This calls into question the quality of treatment the individual is receiving from the mental health professional.

But, the discrimination does not end there. There are more obvious physical needs that the medical community fails to meet, as well. Obese people should not have to make special requests when visiting the doctor, such as "large sized blood pressure cuffs, specialized scales, longer needles and wider examination tables" Rosin.

It can be embarrassing to bring these needs to the attention of the service provider, and yet the onus to do so seems to be on the patient. A nurse noticing that an elderly person needs help walking back to his appointment will likely help by offering a wheel chair.Mar 23,  · Employment Discrimination Essay; Employment Discrimination Essay.

Essay about Employment Discrimination. sexual harassment of either gender, and age.

Discrimination toward obese individuals essay

In lieu of this evolution and an increasing trend toward equality for all individuals in the workplace, the time has come for the protective reach of employment discrimination . Essay about Discrimination Toward Obese Individuals - I felt the eye of judgment piercing through me as I entered the plane.

I could hear people whispering and giggling. Discrimination against heavier women also exists in the workplace.. Overweight people, regardless of gender, are earning $ per hour less than their thinner counterparts..

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Women specifically are also less likely to advance in their careers because of their weight. Discrimination in the Workplace of Individuals Living with A Disease or Illness This research paper is a case study focusing on the discrimination of workers living with a disease or illness.

I chose this topic based on the need to educate others on the signs of workplace discrimination. All that would go a long way toward mitigating the health effects of excess weight—and its putative costs. But there’s an even better reason to think that America’s glutton intolerance is a.

Stigma and discrimination toward obese persons are pervasive and pose numerous consequences for their psychological and physical health. Despite decades of science documenting weight stigma, its public health implications are widely ignored.

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