Go green or go to jail essay

Plot[ edit ] The play does not present events in chronological order; rather, the play features Thoreau remembering earlier parts of his life, not necessarily in the order they occurred. The play opens with Ralph Waldo Emersonin his old age, recalling the memories of his friend, Henry. The play quickly shifts to Henry's current time in jail because he refused to pay the tax to support the war, where he meets Bailey, a homeless man falsely accused of arson.

Go green or go to jail essay

Tue, Feb 26, at 4: Getting an appointment can take another week. Several inmates at the facility have complained of poor conditions and lack of access to medical care that, in a few cases, led to deaths. Dawson has come to exemplify the once unutterable, now bipartisan, cause of closing some Texas prisons.

Nearly every stakeholder wants Dawson closed, except, of course, for Corrections Corporation of America CCAwhich operates the jail; its contract is up for renewal in August. State lawmakers, including Sen. Human-rights groups want Dawson closed because of documented, systemic failures in its health care services and the horrifying deaths of several inmates, allegedly due to medical negligence.

Compared to the seven inmates who have died at Dawson sinceWendy King was lucky. Back in her cell, she continued to bleed. But they did give her two shots of Depo Provera within the space of a few weeks.

Depo Provera is a powerful birth control hormone intended to be given only once every three months. King never saw a doctor at Dawson. Once she was released, she sought help and her condition turned out to be non-lethal: Endometriosis happens when the uterine lining grows outside the uterus, and can cause heavy bleeding and scar tissue, sometimes enough to tilt, or retrovert, the uterus.

Though the condition required surgery and rehab, it could have been worse. Her family says she was denied medication until it was too late, a claim supported by letters from other inmates who knew Parks. Repeatedly, Weatherby was medically stabilized elsewhere and returned to Dawson, where she would again be denied her insulin injections and suffer another coma.

Weatherby arrived at Dawson in May. She was dead by July. An autopsy revealed that she died from diabetes complications. No training needs have been identified at this time.

But by May, she knew something was wrong. A mother of three, Miller recognized pregnancy. Burr says that in May, Autumn Miller requested a pap smear and pregnancy test but never got them. Three weeks later, she started bleeding and cramping, feeling pressure and pain.

She died four days later. Miller had a tubal ligation and was allowed to stay in the hospital until Gracie passed away in her arms. She lay there unexamined for three hours before anyone arrived to look at her.

Seven hours later, a doctor called an ambulance as Green struggled for breath. She died the next day of complications due to pneumonia.

CBS 11 reported that 15 women talked to the station about mistreatment they witnessed or experienced at Dawson; two said they had extremely high fevers and were left in segregation for days or weeks without ever seeing a doctor.

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Another, Lorraine Brown, said that, like Weatherby, she was diabetic and never received her insulin at set times. She also said she watched a woman have a stroke, become paralyzed, and be left for other inmates to bathe and care for.

Other former inmates echo these stories on Topix. A January audit of Dawson health services by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice found multiple systemic failures: They even failed the basics: The simple reason is that CCA, the largest private prison company in the world, is a powerful lobbyist.

Whitmire has been trying to close Dawson since The authors argue, however, that given the complexity of prison gangs, effective prison gang intervention must include improved strategies for community re-entry and more collaboration between correctional agencies and university gang researchers on prison .

Go green or go to jail essay

Developing Your Essay. Help! My essay is only two pages long, but it is supposed to be four pages. I had to get out of that van and go after her. [Discuss the Example] The situation was ludicrous.

There I was, in the back of the sheriff's van on my way back to jail, and all I could think about was how badly I wanted to get a hold of her.

Go green or go to jail essay

Conservation - Go Green or Go To Jail. Essay about Stanley's Change of Character - Stanley Yelnats the 4th was a teenager who came from a poor family.

Jun 15,  · All of the essay writers were accepted as members of the class of You can find even more opening lines of sample admission essays in the Stanford Magazine.

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