Help me and tactic

Quite honestly a couple his treads as well as Rashidi and Ozil-to-the-Arsenal would make for some informative reading. The reality is that a possession tactic can be created with almost any shape any with any level of fluidity.

Help me and tactic

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Help me and tactic

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()this tactic is my final tactic after much tweaking. i believe if you remained consistent with it and get the team familiar with it you may get the results you hope to achieve. been working wonders for me lately.

in the team training i use attacking movement. Jul 21,  · For me, it's a wound management tactic, you take it when you have (or will have) a lot of wounds and want to get rid of them in a single resting turn.

It may also be useful in the first turn of a round, using it as Rethink. Dec 19,  · help me create a possesion tiki taka tactic that works. i want to create my own tiki taka tactic and i want pointers.

with team instructions i started with:short passes,less dribbling and ball in the box and team mentality is standard.

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