Satyam case analysis

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Satyam case analysis

On the other hand, Manpasand spends precious little in terms of advertising and has a limited retail reach. How then did this company achieve such a large scale in such a short time?

Manpasand claims that it focuses on rural and semi-urban markets which are underserved by larger players.

AWS Case Study: Mahindra Satyam

This is clearly an exaggerated claim. The likes of Coca Cola, Pepsi and Parle Agro have a retail presence in every nook and corner of the country either directly or through the wholesale channel.

Manpasand does not have any advantage that allows it to better serve semi-urban or rural markets compared to a Parle Agro.

The survey results show that Manpasand has negligible retail penetration in even its core markets. Most retailers stock multiple fruit juice brands. The survey was conducted before the demonetization event.

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This means that Manpasand is not allowed to sell its products on premium trains while competition can. Where does the company sell its products that leads to such a high market share?

Why is its retail penetration so weak in even its core markets? How has the company achieved this scale without any significant advertising spend? Why are category growth estimates of Manpasand and Parle Agro so widely different?

Fruits Up comprises 1 fruit-based carbonated drinks think Appy Fizz, not Mirinda in grape, orange and lemon flavors 2 fruit drinks with higher fruit content in apple, litchi, guava, orange and mango flavors.

This has been again done without any advertising support while Appy Fizz has run national TV ad campaigns featuring Priyanka Chopra. As per a sell-side analyst report, Fruits Up was present only in Gujarat and Maharashtra till mid This raises an important question — How did Fruits Up become larger than Appy Fizz without investing in advertising and with a much smaller geographical footprint?

That too within 2 years of launch. SEBI requires companies to disclose if they or their family members have any interests in competing businesses. Companies with Promoters having competing interests is considered negative from a governance standpoint.

This information should have been disclosed in the IPO offer documents. This information was not disclosed in even the recent QIP documents. Promoters choosing to not disclose the existence of a competing business run by immediate family members is a serious red flag.

As such, it is unlikely that the company was unaware of the existence of Hansraj Agro Fresh. Maybe, the company has not yet heard of Google or ROC search see here — https: This was after it had just raised crs through an IPO in July Companies rarely need to raise additional capital so soon after an IPO.The following is a list of alleged scams and scandals in India since independence.

include political, financial, corporate and others.

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Entries are arranged in reverse chronological order by year. The year is the one in which the alleged scam was first reported or came into knowledge of public.

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The accounting fraud committed by the founders of Satyam in is a testament to the fact that “the science of conduct is swayed in large by human greed, ambition, and hunger for power, money, fame and. Apache Spark can be used for a variety of use cases which can be performed on data, such as ETL (Extract, Transform and Load), analysis (both interactive and batch), streaming etc.

Satyam case analysis

In this blog, we will explore and see how we can use Spark for ETL and descriptive analysis. Satyam scandal a full analysis , views.

Satyam case analysis

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