The benefits and dangers of cyberspace as a global communication system

Office of the Coordinator for Cyber Issues May 31, Prepared pursuant to Executive OrderSection 3 c Benefits of Transformative Technology Technological innovation has transformed the economic and social fabric of the United States and the world.

The benefits and dangers of cyberspace as a global communication system

Under this name the two made a series of installations and images entitled "sensory spaces" that were based on the principle of open systems adaptable to various influences, such as human movement and the behaviour of new materials.

In a interview with Scandinavian art magazine Kunstkritikk, Carsten Hoff recollects, that although Atelier Cyberspace did try to implement computers, they had no interest in the virtual space as such: There was nothing esoteric about it.

It was just a tool. The space was concrete, physical. And in the same interview Hoff continues: Our shared point of departure was that we were working with physical settings, and we were both frustrated and displeased with the architecture from the period, particularly when it came to spaces for living.

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We felt that there was a need to loosen up the rigid confines of urban planning, giving back the gift of creativity to individual human beings and allowing them to shape and design their houses or dwellings themselves — instead of having some clever architect pop up, telling you how you should live.

We were thinking in terms of open-ended systems where things could grow and evolve as required. For instance, we imagined a kind of mobile production unit, but unfortunately the drawings have been lost.

The benefits and dangers of cyberspace as a global communication system

It was a kind of truck with a nozzle at the back. Like a bee building its hive.

The benefits and dangers of cyberspace as a global communication system

The nozzle would emit and apply material that grew to form amorphous mushrooms or whatever you might imagine. It was supposed to be computer-controlled, allowing you to create interesting shapes and sequences of spaces. It was a merging of organic and technological systems, a new way of structuring the world.

And a response that counteracted industrial uniformity.

We had this idea that sophisticated software might enable us to mimic the way in which nature creates products — where things that belong to the same family can take different forms. All oak trees are oak trees, but no two oak trees are exactly alike.

And then a whole new material — polystyrene foam — arrived on the scene. It behaved like nature in the sense that it grew when its two component parts were mixed. Almost like a fungal growth.

Economic benefits and costs of alternate cyber futures

This made it an obvious choice for our work in Atelier Cyberspace. The portion of Neuromancer cited in this respect is usually the following:Unless the characteristics of cyberspace change radically in the near future and global culture becomes monolithic, linking technological properties to a single social outcome such as liberation or control is a highly dubious exercise.”.

On a global level, and for this conservative Base Case, the cumulative benefits Figure ICT cyber benefits and costs, global cumulative totals, in USD trillions, between and are estimated to be about USD trillion versus USD 23 trillion of costs (a net benefit of nearly 9 percent of the cumulative GDP between and ).

In view of communication (print, film, radio) media are mainly government or pressure groups in their control function, so in short-term national integ agents in most cases, high technology, and the development of global communications have .

With this new global economy comes the requirement for and the benefits of global communication in the business world. Wider Market One benefit of global business communication is the ability to.

cyberspace’s successes and help secure its future for U S citizens and the global community For these technologies to continue to empower individuals, enrich societies, and foster the research, development, and innovation essential to building modern economies, it must retain the openness and.

addition to augmenting the existing modeling system so as to represent ICT/cyber pervasiveness and the various categories of benefits and costs, this project is building a new, stand-alone form or dashboard within the IFs .

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